IMS Study Group Music and Violence

I am thrilled to announce the newly established Study Group Music and Violence of the International Musicological Association (IMS), which I have the pleasure of chairing. The group is based on a network created through the conference Soundscapes of Trauma: Music, Violence, Therapy (2019). Its scope is broad and it includes:

(1) current and historical uses of music as a means of violence and resistance to violence during war and conflict;
(2) musical representations of violence;
(3) music as symbolic violence, that is, non-physical violence exercised between social groups in the form of Othering, shaming, negative recognition, and hegemony of (musical) values;
(4) the entanglement of music and musicking with environmental violence;
(5) and the ways in which music has been embedded in systemic, racial, and gender violence in authoritarian as well as democratic regimes.

For more information:

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