> 18 November


Exhibition on Internment Camps for Japanese Americans during WWII, Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles

> 15-17 November
Annual Meeting of Society of Ethnomusicology (SEM 2018) Albuquerque, New Mexico. Invited speaker for the panel  ‘Prisons and Public Policy:
A Global Perspective’ sponsored by the SEM Board.
SEM 2018 Program Book

For a video recording of panel, click here:

> 12-13 November
Workshop ‘Sound and Music in War from the Middle Ages to the Present’,
University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
Paper: From Theory to Practice: Music, Violence, and Trauma

> 13-15 September
Annual Conference of Royal Music Association, University of Bristol.
Paper: Soundscapes of Detention: Music in Prison Camps during the (Post) Civil War-Era in Greece

> 10-12 September

IMG_4124 - Version 2

Archival Research at King’s College Archives: The League for Democracy in Greece Archives

> 13-14 July 2018


International Workshop ‘Narrating, Staging, Performing, and Medializing 21st-Century Migration and Mobility’ (University of Konstanz, 2018). Paper: Researching ‘Internal Banishment’ and Refugee Camps in Greece: Ethical and Theoretical Considerations

> 18-20 May 2018


Annual symposium of the Research Platform Social Impact of Music Making, SIMM-posium 3, Porto, Portugal. Paper: Music, Torture, Detention during the (Post) Civil-War Era in Greece
Programme 22.03(2)

> 16 April
Research Seminar at the Music Department, University of York (UK). Paper: Soundscapes of Detention: Music, Torture, and Repression in Cold-War Greece

> 12-14 April


International Conference ‘Music: Trauma Studies in the Medical Humanities: New Directions for Research’, University of Durham (2018). Paper: Music, Torture, Trauma: Music in Detention in Cold-War Greece (1947–1974) Traumastudiesconference_programmebooklet(1)

> 10 & 11 April


Archival Research at King’s College Archives

> 9 April 2018
Workshop ‘Music in Prison, Detention, and Resettlement: Towards a Research Agenda’, University of Oxford. Paper: Music, Violence, Repression in Cold-War Greece

> 21 February
Research Seminar at the Social Anthropology Department, Panteion University, Athens. Papaer: Music in Detention during the (Post) Civil-War Era in Greece