New Parthenon

Anna Papaeti and Nektarios Pappas, New Parthenon (2019); loop 5′ 29”.

On 12 July 2019 Nektarios Pappas and I created the sound installation “New Parthenon” (Νέος Παρθενώνας) for the exhibition “Iasis” [Cure] organized by TILT platform. The title draws on a phrase attributed to Panagiotis Kanellopoulos concerning the detention camps established at the barren island of Makronissos in the context of the civil war in Greece (1946-1949). Our work deals with the traumatic soundscapes of the Markonissos camps during these bleak years as well as the post civil-war period; the camps finally closed down in 1957. Drawing on archival research and testimonies I collected in the context of the MUSDEWAR project, the installation explores: the official discourse of indoctrination according to which Makronissos was a national sanatorium aimed at curing Greek communists from the germ of communism; the torturous and multifaceted use of music and sound to which the detainees were exposed. The exhibition took place from 12 July to 4 August at the town of Loutraki, Greece. For a short clip, check here:

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