Everybody likes music don’t they?

I recently took part in a BBC Radio 3 programme, aired on 15 September, exploring negative experiences of music. I shared my research on music and torture in general and cold-war Greece in particular. You can access the programme on BBC Sounds: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0008gly

With Gareth Malone, Professor Sophie Scott, James Tysome (Emmeline Centre for hearing implants, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge), Frances Harris, Cherry, Mike Moreton, Sofie, Nav Chana, Margaret Farquharson, Christine Bell, Flora, Sheldon Gilbert, John Lwanda, Anna Papaeti and George Szirtes.

A Tandem Production for BBC Radio 3
Presenter: Faith Waddell
Producers: Faith Waddell & Sarah Devonald
Assistant producer: Sofie Vilcins
Sound designer: Riccardo Marcucci

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